Kru Suphan is a certified Muay Thai Boran teacher. He had been a professional and amateur Muay Thai fighter for over 25 years.

During his life as a fighter, he took his opportunity to study in university for Bachelor degree in Sports Science, then Master degree in Muay Thai study (Master study will be completed when he submit the thesis.)

He had been a trainer for Muay Thai fighters; however, studying and working for Muban Chombun University allowed him to learn and gain knowledge about Muay Thai from various teachers and masters. So that he was able to combine his Muay Thai experience and knowledge he gained to apply in his teaching.

He is now working individually as a freelance teacher. He is invited to teach for different Muay Thai seminars.. including Professional Muay Thai Instructor License Course (C,B,A) by Sports Authority of Thailand, Muay Thai Teacher Seminar by Ministy of Tourism and Sports, Muay Thai Coaching Program by Fitness First Thailand, Muay Thai Teacher Seminar by Kru Muaythai Association and also teaching school kids and teachers at different provinces and schools.

His life has started from the bottom of the society. Muay Thai has always directed and supported his life till today.
It is his life and passion. It is his talent and is his duty to work for conservation and development of Muay Thai.

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