When training Muay Thai Boran, it always gives you motivation if there is something to aim for.

According to Kru Muaythai Association grading system,
the level is called "Khan".

Just like other martial arts, Khan is also described with colors.

For Muay Thai Boran, instead of the coloured belt on weist, it is presented with the Mongkhol (head ring) and prajets (arm rings).


For students, it is something to achieve.

For teachers, it is the sign of your knowledge and experience, efforts and contribution to Muay Thai arts.

Grading is for your knowledge, attitude and experience. Grading is not the title to compare with other people. It is the relationship between teachers and students.


Kru Muaythai Association / Grading for Students (khan 1~10)  / Grading for Kru (khan 11~19)




  • Hello USA !! It is nice to be back again!hellip
  • Big team Malaysia Combat Kickboxing Group the most fun parthellip
  • We are always so honored to be a part ofhellip
  • Thank you all friends and families at sitsuphanmuaythaiacademy for welcominghellip
  • Theres nothing to lose and only fun and New experiencehellip
  • Serving free food for students and employees at school Classhellip
  • Special class with firstyear students at Buriram University They arehellip
  • 5H bus trip to his home town Buriram to gohellip
  • The place to be for kru Suphan soon after returninghellip

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