Kru Suphan is not a trainer.

He is a "Kru", a teacher...


A trainer is someone who trains fighters to build their strength and develop skills and techniques.

But a Kru teaches his students to be a good person by giving his knowledge and experience.


Training Muay Thai with kru Suphan is not to learn how to fight on the ring, but to learn the mind and culture.

The mind of how to move and use your body according to the different situation.

The mind to be respectful,

to be the one who is disciplined.


Muay Thai is the culture of Thailand. To really know it, you need to learn its roots, tradition and also the language.

If you already have learned Muay Thai or Muay Boran, training with kru Suphan will improve your balance and timing.

If you are a fighter, training will help your Muay Thai to become natural.

If you have never learned Muay Thai, Muay Boran or any kind of martial arts, no problem. Kru Suphan can help you build a good basic skill.

Kru Suphan's concept of Muay Thai training is to enjoy, and he loves and enjoys teaching. Muay Thai has always been his life and passion.


He teaches Muay Thai as an art and culture. He is teaching for the purpose of conservation, education and development of Muay Thai.





  • Special class with firstyear students at Buriram University They arehellip
  • Thank you all friends and families at sitsuphanmuaythaiacademy for welcominghellip
  • The place to be for kru Suphan soon after returninghellip
  • We are always so honored to be a part ofhellip
  • Theres nothing to lose and only fun and New experiencehellip
  • Hello USA !! It is nice to be back again!hellip
  • Big team Malaysia Combat Kickboxing Group the most fun parthellip
  • Serving free food for students and employees at school Classhellip
  • 5H bus trip to his home town Buriram to gohellip

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